April 14th, 2007


Iron Chef: Bushwick

I think I've figured out what being drunk on Wine is like. It's like you're in a fight with a really wussy guy and you're taking body shots for 6 or 7 straight hours until you're finally just too tired to go on and you have to tap out saying, ALL RIGHT! YOU WIN! LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! And then you pass out for about six or seven hours and you feel great the next day.

Because there's no hangovers when you drink wine. There just isn't. I tore through a bottle and 3/4 last night and went to bed around 1 or 2am and got up a little after 10am and felt like a hundred dollars. It was awesome.

So, tomorrow night, 'round 6:30ish, Emily and I are gonna "compete" in our very own version of Iron Chef. The mutual special ingredient? Vodka.

I've got this pasta sauce that calls for a half cup of vodka, so I'm gonna make pasta with baked shrimp. I'll have recipes later if all goes well. And for dessert? Cherry Lemon Drop Martinis. Fab.

And I've also decided to start taking advantage of some of the perks of living in New York City, so tomorrow night at 10:30 I'm gonna go see Henry Rollins with Janeane Garofalo and this comic by the name of Marc Maron. It's called "It's Not A Play and There's No Music". I don't know what to make of it, but I've wanted to see Henry Rollins do his spoken word jive since 1992; and this thing is only going live in New York and L.A., so I feel damned fortunate right about now, in spite of dropping $40 on a ticket. I wonder if it'll be the three of them together, in a sit-down forum thing or if it'll be one, then one, then one. Either way, I plan on being entertained. 10:30pm on a Sunday night? Who gives a fuck?

Fuck a dolla and a dream, am I right Hip Hop Community?

This weekend has been and will continue to be one long wine-indulged fuckfest. I wouldn't have it any other way.
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