April 3rd, 2007


That's So E. Howard

I don't know if anyone knows who E. Howard Hunt is, but I'm gonna talk about him and his family, so settle in.

E. Howard Hunt used to work for the C.I.A. when it first incorporated the O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services), a group determined to stop the spread of Communism as well as stomp out any existing political beliefs contrary to our own. Hunt was a terrible man, but an excellent spy. He was responsible for overthrowing the democratically-elected leader in Guatemala in 1954, leading to around 200,000 deaths thanks to the new regime. Hunt also orchestrated the Bay of Pigs invasion that was called off zero-hour. He may or may not have played a part in the JFK assassination, but that's not for what he's known. No, because everyone will remember E. Howard Hunt - if, indeed, they remember him at all - for being a part of President Nixon's Special Investigations Unit, running the botched invasion into the Watergate Hotel in 1972, and in the end taking the harder of the two falls (Hunt served 33 months in prison while Nixon merely quit his job).

St. John Hunt (called simply "Saint" during informal conversation) is an ex-meth addict, an ex-felon, ex-con, and an all-around fuck-up. Born with a clubbed foot, suffering from seizures and poor vision, Saint was a constant disappointment from birth. Still, he seemed to be on a path of somewhat success until his mother died right around the time he was to graduate high school. She died - some would suspect - because President Nixon ordered her plane to be crashed as she was en route to meet with her husband as he was on trial for the Watergate fiasco, while carrying a bag full of $10,000 worth of hush money. While I wouldn't put it past Tricky Dick to order a hit on a defenseless woman while she rode in an aircraft, they never uncovered any signs of foul play.

Regardless, Saint chose his path, and now he's broke, unable to hold down a job, and his only claim to fame is his now-dead father. That, and this article I read.

Many believed that E. Howard Hunt knew more than he was leading on concerning the assassination of John F. Kennedy; but for his entire life he kept his mouth shut. Now, according to this article, we're supposed to believe that E. Howard Hunt supplied a list of names involved in The Conspiracy and gave that list of names to his eldest son, who he contended to his dying day was a fuck-up and unworthy of the family name. Personally, I say that he WAS worthy of the family name, because they all appear to have failed pretty fucking miserably.

This article is rediculous. It ALMOST sounds like they're taking this St. John guy seriously. And, I think they ARE! This so-called "list" could've been plucked out of any Cliff's Notes volume on JFK Conspiracy Theory. It starts with

Lyndon B. Johnson - who changed the assassination venue from Miami to Dallas because he had connections in Dallas. And, since he was a Freemason, he packed the Warren Commission full of fellow Masons. Which leads us to CIA agent

Cord Meyer - who in conjunction with

David Atlee Phillips - set the plot in motion. They discovered

Antonio Veciana - the Cuban would-be assassin who hated Castro and Kennedy just as much for not going through on the opportunity. He enlisted

Frank Sturgis - who worked as a go-between for the CIA and the Mob and

David Morales - who was also tight with the Mob and was reportedly at the scene of RFK's assassination. This all leads to

Lucien Sarti - who Hunt claims was the second assassin on the Grassy Knoll. Of course, he's been dead since 1972, as well as most of these other gentlemen.

It all FITS! Not REALLY. I don't know to where I should attribute the butchering of the following quote, but this whole scenario gives Swiss Cheese a bad fucking name.

This whole article just smacks of St. John Hunt being so pisspoor, being such a scumbag, that he fabricates this idea that his father knew more than he did about the JFK assassination in hopes that he can profit off of the tragedy somehow. There's nothing about this guy that I trust. The only story I could possibly believe is when there was a supposed closed-door CIA meeting about killing the president, E. Howard Hunt walked in, heard them talking, decided he didn't want that kind of heat, and spent the rest of his days not saying anything because he hated Kennedy just as much as all the other CIA guys involved with the Bay of Pigs. What is that, being an accessory? Yeah, that's all I'm giving Hunt credit for.

And even if E. Howard Hunt - in his dying days - wrote out a list of names supposedly in conjunction with the JFK assassination, he was old and out of it and DYING! How are we to know Hunt's mindframe at that point in time? Especially when he had ample opportunity to atone for things or make a buck off his knowledge of JFK. Hunt wrote a fucking book - more than one fucking book - about his life and the CIA and all that; and at best, he says it's LIKELY that there was a cover-up, he goes into possible theories, but he doesn't know his grassy knoll from a hole in the president's head.

Look, here's the deal about JFK and all of that. We're never going to know. We'll never know the truth about what REALLY happened because too much time has passed, too many people have died, and too many bogus conspiracies are floating around contradicting everything else. Unless there's some definitive, accredited written work outlining all of the most minute details of the assassination, with signatures, multiple handwriting experts, and possibly even audio/video confessional evidence, I won't believe any story that comes out about JFK. There's no point in worrying about it. Justice will NEVER be served. Even if someone comes out and tells the truth, how can you believe him? It's been so far removed in time, if they haven't stepped forward now, if it hasn't been slipped out in conversation yet, it's never going to happen. I'll see Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame before I see concrete proof of a second shooter.

It's depressing. But, you know what, there are more depressing things going on right now. We've got our OWN corrupt, secretive government, we need to stop fucking worrying about Nixon's corrupt, secretive government. It's time to move on. Be outraged that our country could do such a horrible thing, but at the end of the day, pull your covers up to your chin and be outraged that George W. Bush is a 2-term president and that Richard Cheney is planning an attack on Iran even though we've already failed in Iraq and that there will be more evidence of government blundering and screwing over the public to come out in the subsequent lame duck months of this regime's control.

Besides, JFK is like SOOOO 1963.

President Bush: The Fucking Son Of A Bitch

Read This Article.

Go on, fucking read it!

Does any of this sound OK to you? What he's saying? Our president, laying the political guilt trip of all guilt trips. Our president, not only defying the will of Congress (because, why should we expect him to get along with anything Democrat), but defying the will of the American public who wants this stupid fucking war to end. I didn't think a head that big could get any further up his own ass, but he's managed to stretch out those small intestines to amazing proportions.

If anything he's saying or doing in regard to this fucking war sounds at all OK to you, do me a favor and get fucked. Just, don't fucking talk to me. Nothing this fucking cretin will ever do could possibly redeem him. Bush and Cheney and all of their fucking cronies just need to fucking die, like, five years ago.

Pisspoor fucking terrorists can manage to knock down two World Trade Centers and a fucking Pentagon, but they bungle the one thing that might've saved this country: ramming a jet into the motherfucking White House.
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