March 30th, 2007


All These, Questions? What, Me Worry?

Who else thinks it's all right to pee in the shower? Show of hands? Yeah? Well, what the hell's wrong with you people? Don't you know that peeing in the shower is disgusting???

What if I did an entire post made up entirely of questions? Is that something you'd be interested in? Well, what if I tried it and it went a little something like this?

You know how you're a temp, and you're working at this place as a receptionist, and you've been there for a few months now, and you're just kinda starting to get back on track moneywise, and then all of a sudden you're told that they're actively pursuing a permanent replacement for you because you've expressed an express interest in NOT taking on this job full time, but you wish they'd hold off until the summer because that'd really heal you, yet there's nothing you can do because that would be considered an expression of a wish to retain this position for longer than you were meant to have it? Don't you hate it when that happens?

So, what am I gonna do? Shouldn't I be a little more concerned than I am? I wouldn't think so, but you never know, right? I've got hella-savings in the bank, I've got my temp agency working hard on my side, and I'm skilled in the art of unskilled office labor, so why should I be worried?

Here's what I've got to ask myself: am I better off now than when I first came here? Wouldn't it be rediculous of me to say, "no"? I mean, after all, when I first came here I had less money in savings, I was living off of my credit card, I had no job prospects, I didn't even seek out temporary employment until well into October; my only real problem now as I see it is my living situation being as up in the air as it is, but if I can land another lengthy assignment toot sweet, I'll be right on track, and besides, I'm working diligently on the housing front, so don't worry because everything's under control, okay?

Do I know when I'm being let go? Well, finding and hiring the right person is a lengthy process, so how should I know? The office manager here told me I'd be alerted in advance - so, I guess I can have that week or two (or day or two, or hour or two) to worry my balls off - isn't that cool?

Anyway, that's all I've got on this end; it wasn't so bad, was it? Well, whatever, who cares if it was?