February 6th, 2007


Steve's Latest Get-Rich-Never Scheme

It was so cold this morning ...


About 16 degrees. That's cold, brotha.

This website is consuming my every waking thought right now. I had an idea of how I wanted it to look when I got off of work yesterday and then tinkered with the format. Tables or frames, tables or frames. Both have their positives, but right now I'm leaning towards frames. Mostly because, later on last night, I totally changed my mind for how I want the fucking thing to look. See, at first I was leaning away from having it look too dark or sinister, because the content will have sort of a lighter feel. But, now I'm just gonna go with the dark. Lots of blacks and grays and whites ... and another REAL color thrown in. Something like a dark purple or a blue or something. But, we're not in the coloring stages yet.

Man, I shouldn't even be talking about this. I'm probably boring the piss out of my roommates when I talk about HTML and all this shit. I don't even have a NAME for it yet! (I'm not even supposed to BE HERE today!) All right, all right, that's enough.

It was so cold this morning that I'm now a woman. Yeah, that's right, my penis said, "Fuck this, I'm goin' back inside. Call me when you can see cleavage again." Then he took his balls and went home. Damnedest thing.

So, Devin and I had a good talk yesterday; brought some new shit to light I hadn't really given too much thought to. First of all, getting a domain name (that's the part in between the www. and the .com) should only run me around 8 bucks a year. That's peasy. Buying the actual physical web space though, that's gonna run me anywhere from 5 to 20 bucks a month (probably on the low end of that spectrum for starters, 'cause I won't have many visitors and I won't have much in the way of content up yet). The money issues I'm not too concerned with. Then, he asked me if I'm gonna be putting up ads (I was asked this twice more as the day went on). I said no and he asked why.

Well, first of all, I hate ads. They're annoying and they add nothing to the content. All they do is stick out like a fucking thumb and who needs that kind of hassle? I don't want to open up my website and read about someone shilling products from cheaptampons.com or vaginaldouche.net. And I assume no one else does either. Besides, I'm not out to make a buck on the Internet. I'm doing this because I like writing, I like being in a position where I can knock inferior writers or promote superior ones, I like making websites and initiating big projects like this even though I'm not the most qualified proprietor, and I hope, one day, that I might be able to parlay this into getting my name out there and potentially being published by a website or publication that truly has clout (or, failing that, making my site so impressive that I make my own fucking clout!). And finally, I just don't think the cost out-of-pocket is too much that it makes me want to put ads up; I think I can swing the charge (for only 29 cents a day, you can sponsor this sick website; give him the food, clothes, and bandwidth he sorely needs).

Then he raised the point that putting ads on your page helps draw people TO your site. This I failed to consider. Look, I'd consider myself a fairly respectable problem solver when I need to put my mind to something; and I've got the creative aspect down pat. I think I'm a fair judge of design and color-scheming (and, if I'm not, I live with three girls, so we're covered on all angles). I know what I like as far as writing and content goes, so we won't have to worry about anything getting on my website that shouldn't be on there. But, I'm no marketer. Going into college, I fancied getting myself into advertising, but that's only because I fancied the creative side of things. Writing, filming, producing commercials, thinking of slogans, that kind of shit. But, I have absolutely no clue as to how to physically advertise anything. I like my idea of guerrilla-advertising, getting down and dirty in the streets, word of mouth, littering my community with my propaganda. I think that's a fantastic angle to pursue, especially for something such as this. But, I'm hard-pressed to imagine how far-reaching that'll be. This thing could die in committee for all I know!

What are my options henceforth? I'm Internet-savvy so there's gotta be a way to spread the word that way; but I'm not so savvy that I can figure out how it fucking works. Do I try spamming people? Do I seek out message boards? Do I rely solely on Craig's List? There's gotta be more free-to-cheap options for me that I'm just blindly unaware of. Also, are there any traditional outlets out there that'll generate a vast audience while costing me little?

It's early to be thinking about this now, but I still have to think about it. Seriously, I get spammed by MySpace like on a weekly basis from some dumb ho or another who manages to get into my e-mail account. Whose palms do you gotta grease to get in on some of that action?

I'm hoping to get the layout finished by the weekend. It's just so frustrating; FireFox is fucking terrible when it comes to making websites.