January 1st, 2007


You're Older Than You've Ever Been / And Now You're Even Older

Violently. Ill.

I didn't throw up, but I've been writhing around and whining like a little girl pretty much all afternoon. Did you know that Cheez Doodles are the perfect cure for hangovers? For those of you unfortunates out there who don't have access to this cheesy cureall, I'm sure Cheetoz Puffs will do the trick. Pretty much any kind of poofy snack food that incorporates Cheese with the letter Z in its name and you're good to go.

I'm not gonna lie to you, I was royally screwed going into this New Years Eve. When Plan A got the judo-chop, I scrambled for a Plan B: call Emily and attach myself to whatever plans she had! And, as it turns out, this called for going into Manhattan - about 20 blocks from the New Year's Rockin' Eve and the sight of Zombie Dick Clark being controlled via remote control from the Disneyland Ranch out in California - and partying it up at the apartment of some friends of Emily's cousin Sandy.

Let me see if I can get the names right. We've got Emily's cousin Sandy who's married to Mark. Their friend Allen lives in the apartment with James and his superhot big-teethed Australian wife Renee. And they all had a slightly portly goatee'd friend John. Fuckin' A I'm good! And, of course, me and Emily and Jenny.

Among the highlights I'd have to start with James and his alcoholic drink, dubbed The James. The James underwent many different incarnations throughout the evening as we started running out of certain key ingredients. The Original James we were too late for. James 2.0 was considerably stronger apparently, pink in color and blended with ice. By the time we got to The James 6 or 7.0, it ended up being mostly Kahlua based, with some chocolate sauce, ice, and Guiness I believe. And now you know why I was so violently ill today. Aside from the Kahlua, I had vodka in me, tequila, Guiness, Sam Adams, Champagne, and wine I believe. Didn't black out, but I was good and tanked.

Of course, not as bad off as Emily who took to prancing up and down the street. I was worried I was gonna have to do some chasing. Of course, NOBODY was as bad off as Mark. This guy was fucking ripped by 7pm. He was loud and yelling out the window after the ball dropped, and just as the party was getting into full swing on into the 1 o'clock hour, he was slumped down on the couch struggling to stay awake. It's funny because I'm used to that guy being ME. Then someone said, "I guess every group of friends has That Guy," and I couldn't help feeling that my presence was missed in Seattle.

Jenny, Emily and I didn't make it home until about 5am. I passed out almost immediately after and woke up at 1pm today in sheer agony. By 5pm or so, I got to the point where I could manage to choke down a fistful of Cheez Doodles. Then, I ate the rest of the fries I couldn't finish from last night's White Castle run (fucking Denny's). Finally, I'm in an upright sitting position.

I have more tales to tell from my last days in Seattle, but by God I'm too tired right now. Besides, I have to watch ESPN update their scoring of the USC rout of Michigan.

This day will soon be at an end and now it's even sooner.
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