December 13th, 2006


Wrapping Up, News & Notes

GOD what was I thinking going to Seattle for Christmas? It's gonna be rainy and windy! Why aren't I flying out to Hawaii or something?

Yeah, I'm pretty excited. It's been all I could do to just keep my mind occupied on other things. I wrote my roommates a 30-page story and handed it out yesterday - punched and bound thanks to my work - and they seemed to think it was pretty funny. But, now I've got no projects for the rest of the year; I don't know what to do with myself! I just realized that last night when I was laying around doing nothing: I don't have any characters to work on, any stories to move along ...

It's gonna be a lean January too. As soon as I get back here, I'm gonna really start editing the hell out of those two novels I wrote. Between 'em, there's gotta be SOMETHING I can work with.

My roommates and I took a Christmas Card photo last night. It's pretty much the sweetest thing ever, I have it plastered on Facebook and such. Emily's the dad (with the moustache), Jenny's the mom, Liz is the disgruntled teen, and I'm the dog, dressed up with antlers and a Rudolph nose. Hi-larity.

So, I'll tell you what I've got to look forward to. Waking up at 4am tomorrow, taking the subway east, transferring to a bus, checking into the airport, and flying out sometime around 8am. I'll have one bag full of clothes and crap and one bag with my laptop. So, I ain't checking SHIT. It looks like I AM gonna need a ride, so I'll give mom a call later today. I get in at noon; first stop: Taco Del Mar. No joke.

I might get back on here later today, but I won't be doing any posting on THIS journal while I'm in Seattle. If you hear me knockin', and you think I'm comin' in.

The Homecoming Inquisition

So, let's see, I'm going home tomorrow, I'm gonna see a bunch of people who haven't seen me since I left, I guess I better have the spiel down to a science for when the questions are fired my way.

I got a call from Jake yesterday. We'll be hanging out starting Monday. Jake put Lee Ann on the phone, who works at my old job at Nordstrom. As people at my old work have caught wind of the fact that I'm coming home for Christmas, they've requested my appearance. So, I said I'd go there with Jake when he goes to pick her up at the end of the day.

Let's see, I'm sure I'll get open-ended vague questions like, "How is it?" "How do you like it?" "What's it like over there?" I hate GETTING these questions, because it gives me the craven impulse to reply with, "Fine" "It's OK" or the ultimate, "It's cool."

Then, I'm sure I'll get the requisite, "Do you miss Seattle?" I don't know how to answer that. Do I miss a city? That just sounds stupid to me. I just don't think that way. Do I miss ... Taco Del Mar? Yes. Do I miss ... driving down a crowded I-5? Hell no. Like, what, a building? A tree? A street? A sign? Got some of those here. I miss people, I don't miss cities.

I dunno, I'm not a big fan of phony conversations. I don't doubt these people are good-hearted, good-natured and all that jazz. But for the love of hell, it's not like we're all best buddies or anything. I hardly talked to anyone and the one person I DID talk to, I still e-mail on a regular basis. Of course, I know what it's about. It's like in that movie Poltergeist, when they suck the little girl into the netherworld, the troll woman gives them the explanation of why the dead souls are attracted to the living child. I'm something that they're not and it's fascinating to some. Others probably don't give a shit, not that they care THAT much anyway, but it's enough of an interest to warrant a meeting I guess.

OK, so a tentative itinerary for my weekend:

Thursday the 14th - Fly in, go straight to Tacoma, eat Taco Del Mar, watch Seahawks, Party with my brother.
Friday the 15th - Nothing planned yet.
Saturday the 16th - Eddie & Jessica's birthday party that night
Sunday the 17th - I THINK I'm having an afternoon breakfast with dad after he gets home from golf and I get home from being hung over.
Monday the 18th - Head on up to Jake's in the early afternoon, party down, visit work people, party with Jake
Tuesday the 19th - Kon gets into town, surely there will be drinking involved (Yes there'll be drinking involved, and don't call me Shirley)
Wednesday the 20th - Juli gets into town, surely there will be booty dancing involved
Thursday the 21st -
Friday the 22nd -
Saturday the 23rd -
Sunday the 24th - Christmas Eve at me mum's (actually, at me mum's bruva's)
Monday the 25th - Christmas at me pa's (later to see the new Rocky movie)
Tuesday the 26th -
Wednesday the 27th -
Thursday the 28th -
Friday the 29th -
Saturday the 30th -
Sunday the 31st - Flying back here in the morning, 9am or some shit like that

I'm keeping most of this trip up in the air. I might be going to Bellingham for a night or two in there. Can't rightly say. Plus, I got a list a mile long of friends I need to see. Talk about your shitshows. Someone better have a blowjob ready for me.