December 4th, 2006


sunday Sunday SUNDAY!

You'll pay for the whole seat, but you'll only need THE EDGE!!!

Um, actually, it was a pretty nice little Sunday. I woke up to the sound of someone walking through my room - as is usually the case on the weekend - ate a couple beefy burritos from Trader Joe's, ran around Central Park again - this time shaving a whopping six minutes off my time, down to somewhere in the realm of 66 minutes - got back in time to pop a pretty nasty blood blister and eat some frozen pizza, and then it was off to The Black Sheep for Yuengling beers and Seahawks football.

This was entertainment, let me tell you. At heart, the Black Sheep is an Irish bar, and they've actually got this jolly Irish broad behind the bar for Sunday nights. I didn't catch her name, but she's got the thick accent, and she's always calling everyone "Love." Like, "Can I get you another drink, love?" Outstanding! You know, in that Irish accent and all.

So, I was sitting at the bar - and there were a couple gents to my right, and about three others down my left, all spread out - and having about nine heart attacks as I watched the Seahawks bumble for a good three quarters. I mean, just cussing their bitch asses all to hell, making phone calls, writhing in misery the entire time. Anyway, these gents to my right, they were Irish too, so the bartender was down there most of the time chatting it up with them. Sometime toward the end of the game, she went out for a cigarette and was out there on the phone for a long time. So, one of the Irish gents asked me if I wanted my beer filled. I said sure and he went behind the bar and did just a terrible job with the draft. I mean, head as far as the eye can see. He gave it to me just as she walked back in and was chastised thoroughly for being behind the bar. We all had a good laugh though.

Jenny and Emily got a Christmas tree yesterday; they spent most of the evening stringing popcorn. It's a good little tree, about six feet tall but fairly skinny. We're planning on making all the decorations on the tree edible (aside from the lights, of course). So, there's the popcorn, we're gonna have candy canes, and then we're gonna buy hooks and attach colorful Hershey's kisses all over. I wonder if they'll go for my idea of cooked-spaghetti tinsel. That's probably beyond disgusting.

Ugh, I got sauced yesterday! $30 worth of beer - plus one given to me On The House - that's about seven beers in a three hour span. I dunno, maybe sauced isn't the right word, because I made it home without flashing my wiener to anyone, but I had a healthy weekend of drinking. And it started on THURSDAY, Jesus Christ. Those Budweiser tall boys are addictive, man. Had about three of those on Thursday, went out and bought more on Friday, and then again on Saturday. Fuckin' A man, finishing that crappy novel has turned me into quite the little shut-in drunk. No more, though. I'm gonna take 'er easy until Sunday - when the Seahawks go to Arizona - and I find myself once again in the Black Sheep.