November 25th, 2006

Don't Hassle the Hoff

Ste-ven Runs! Ste-ven Runs With Me!

The only thing I pray is that my feet don't fail me now

I don't think you're allowed to run just once a week. I really don't see how that works. But, this is the thing, if you try to run in the city - massive throngs of people aside - there are lights on almost every fucking block. I'm not shitting you, walk from 14th up past 100th in Manhattan and you're GOING to hit a light at every block. That means one who wishes to run must find themselves a scarce piece of state-sanctioned park-land. I don't know the bus system that well, so that confines me to the subways. Thus far, that keeps me to running in Central Park.

Last Saturday I woke my ass up around noon or one and hit the trains by two and actually got to the park around three. Then, I ran this way and that for 40 constant minutes before I broke down and tried to walk. But, the thing is, there comes a point when you're running for long periods of time, it's like breaking the seal when you've been drinking. Once you break that seal, you're peeing every twenty minutes thereafter. Same deal, once you've been running for so long (and yes, for me 40 minutes is pretty damn long), you can't just walk and think your day is gonna include any further running. Not in the shape I'm in anyway.

Honestly, I couldn't tell you what kind of shape I'm in compared to when I got here. I'm definitely not any fatter, but I'm thinking any losses I've made are negligible. Sometime, I dunno, a couple weeks ago I was doing nothing (as happens to be the case much of the time), so I decided I'd check on the status of the ol' guns. I'm telling you, I had those Bugs Bunny biceps, where it's like Negative Muscle and the flab's just swinging in the breeze. From that moment on I put myself on a daily pushups regimen. I built up to 5 sets of 10 pretty quickly - I mean, after all, the muscle is there, it just hasn't been used so it got weak ... but you just don't FORGET guns like I had! - and now I'm doing 50 pushups in 3 sets, 20, 15, 15 with relative ease. The goal is to get up to 100 pushups a day, 4 sets of 25. Lofty, but we'll see.

The gut's still well fed, but now that I'm working and eating just the two sandwiches for lunches, I dunno. I'm workin' on it. But, the fucking thing is, I just don't have the God damned time to run in the mornings anymore! It's LITERALLY (yes, correct usage of the word) a 50 minute commute to work. That means I have to leave my apartment by 7:30am to make sure I get there on time. Then comes the question, What about running AFTER work? Well, I get off at 5:30pm, which means I'd be running in the park after dark, and that just ain't gonna be happening. Besides, that means I'd have to pack running clothes and running shoes, and then I'd have to run with my dress clothes and dress shoes in a bag, and that's just a huge pain in my ass.

So, I don't see anything really coming of this in the near future. The thing is, once I get out of debt, I can go ahead and be on the lookout for a good gym in the city and do my running there. Since that won't be happening for a while, I'll be running on Saturdays (and, after football season, on Sundays too).

And that leads me to this afternoon. I set myself up an iPod Playlist for running, for what iTunes told me was 1 hour, and I hit Central Park again. I started at Columbus Circle (60th) and ran on the street that circles the entire park, and about 70 minutes later I made it all the way back around to Columbus Circle without stopping. Granted, old men in walkers were passing me on both sides, but I did it God damn it! And when I finally got there, my legs NEARLY gave out on me. On the plus side, I got to be really fucking smelly for the train ride home.
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