November 21st, 2006


Dey Tuk Urr Jurbs!

You know what's hard to get used to? People swearing in an office setting. Just imagine, any of you who've interned or had any kind of corporate office type job, and you've got people - bosses of yours - throwing out Shits and Fucks like they're on the squash court or something. I'm so used to doing things the Seattle way, where it's all timid and super-professional, a boss will gently ask you if everything's going okay if she hears you quietly whisper-mumble some unintelligable slur. Everything I've been taught from every woman and snivelling man who's been a part of rearing me for the corporate jobplace says the number one rule is "Don't Say Fuck!" Unbelievable.

You know what else is hard to get used to? Being able to buy two slices of cheese pizza, a garlic knot, and a bottle of Cherry Cola for five bucks. But here, in the building's cafeteria, they've got it. I splurged today because I was starving after skipping breakfast to get my ass here.

One more day before the four-day weekend. I know I'll have only been on the job for 8 work days now, but I've gotta tell ya, I could use a vacation! All this God-damn Christing laundry I've been doing, getting at best 6 hours of sleep, trying to figure out ways to make it through the day while sitting at this computer the entire time. Unreal, man. There isn't enough coffee in the world.

That's another thing! I've been drinking all this damned coffee, but I'm still fucking exhausted! Really, all it's been doing is giving me the jittery leg and keeping me up at nights. It's like being in a prison, where the body is physically tired, but for some reason there are too many neurons firing off keeping me awake. Yet, it's not like I can use these neurons for actual thinking or creating on the novel I'm writing. Yeah, I'm a little over 100 pages into the second novel since I moved here. It's rubbish, though, utter rubbish. This is the ACTUAL Novel-In-A-Month thing (I've yet to ever meet up with those losers since November started ... meeting up on Sunday afternoons, what a crock!), and already I'm behind the pace. The pace is 6 pages a day and I'm now at the point where I'll need to write 10 pages a day for the next 8 days. I went ahead and got my 10 pages in at work today, so I should be all set.

Oh, by the way, I don't want to sound like a prude or anything about that swearing stuff at the beginning. It's not like I'm offended, it just sounds really weird.

Anyway, the people here are pretty cool. I've yet to find any reason to talk to the guys who work here, but the girls are nice. Janet, the Office Manager, has been really helpful getting me acquainted to things around here. There are three female assistants for some of the higher muckety-muck guys in the back, and they're all my age and seemingly normal. Can't really say much more than "nice", you know? It's not like we're best friends or anything. Then, there's a lady by the name of Rodie who just today I've had the longest conversation with of anyone who works here; a whopping five or ten minutes. She's in her thirties and was telling me about all the cool bars they have in Manhattan. Apparently, she pays $2,000 to live in an apartment not much bigger than the area behind my front desk. That's not big, but it's either that or three times the space for the same price in a crappy neighborhood. But, apparently, she got this job through the Temp System as well. She was saying - being a writer - that I should call some temp agencies and see if they know of any other agencies who specialize in finding jobs for writers. And, she said she'd let me know if she heard anything herself. Hey, it always helps to know people ...

I'm killing time. I left my novel notes at home, so all I was able to do was finish the chapter I was on solely by memory. I'm sure I'll go home and discover there were a few key details I forgot to throw in, but I'll fix that later. I can hardly think straight, so the fact that I managed to get in 10 pages today is a minor miracle.

A major miracle would be if I was able to get to sleep before 11pm tonight.