November 15th, 2006


The Typical Day: Temping Style

I wake up at 6:30 every morning. I shower (not necessarily every morning) within the first 5-10 minutes of being awake. With my two Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches pre-made the evening before, I suit up, pick an album to listen to on my iPod, and leave the abode at 7:30. It's amazing how well I can tie a tie now.

The L-Train generally comes every five minutes. At 7:30, it's not completely stiflingly full of commuters (speaking of, did you know that public transit users outnumber automobile drivers by over 1 million in the city?), but I'm stuck standing regardless. This ride takes 30-35 minutes of my morning. At 8:10 or so, I'm catching one of the Orange-Line trains from 6th Avenue up to Rockefeller Center. This don't take too long; I'm usually in my building on 53rd by 8:15. On my way from the train to my building, I pick up two newspapers (most of these rags are free, they're giving them away like used toilet paper!).

Upon reaching my desk at 8:30, I start Crossword Puzzle #1 from the Metro Newspaper. It's generally a little more difficult than the AM New York Newspaper's, and about a million times easier than the New York Times' (one of the few papers here that actually costs money, because it's good).

Then, I check my e-mail and read up about the Seahawks and Sonics from the Seattle and Tacoma newspapers. I hit ESPN for a bit, then jog over to the Guardian and Google News. Then, I've gotta check in on the savages in my Fantasy Football League and make sure they aren't making any death threats to league members. By the time I'm done with the first wave of Internet use, it's either 10 or 10:30, depending on if there's anything to read.

That's when I get offline and start reading my book. In the last two days, I've read nearly 100 pages of The Catcher In The Rye. By noon, I'm back online checking out and browsing ESPN one more time, waiting for Page 2 to update.

Either 12:30 or 1:00 is lunch. For an hour. I go to the 22nd floor lunch room where they have TVs in the walls showing CNN. There, I open my copy of AM New York and start Crossword Puzzle #2. I eat my two sandwiches and wish I could afford to buy real food. 45 minutes into lunch, I take any unread portions of the AMNY into the can for a daily poop release. Then, I return to my desk and relieve the person covering for me.

After lunch, it's all ESPN Page 2, checking e-mail, and giving the world news another once-over. If it's a particularly slow news day or my brain's fried, I'll hit up the daily comic strips from Yahoo Comics (though, they don't update on a regular basis, which is pissing me off ... I want my damned Frazz and 9 Chickweed Lane!).

I'll probably read the book some more today, after I finish this. And, I assume another single-serving cup of coffee from the machine's in order between now and two hours from now when I'm off.

(Oh, and occasionally, I actually have work to do: I direct incoming calls at the rate of about two an hour; it's like I'm making $8.50 per phone call I'm forced to answer)

At 5:30, I leave. Take the E-Train down to 8th Ave and 14th Street, transfer to the L-Train and make it home around 6:30pm. From there, I'll make my sandwiches for the next day while I either bake two frozen burritos or three corn dogs, depending on how wild and crazy I'm feeling. And, since those badboys take a good 20 minutes to ensure there not being a frozen spot in the center, I make myself a bagel or a bowl of cereal to tide me over. Subsisting an entire 12-hour period on only two sandwiches and countless cups of coffee is hungry business.

Then, when I'm not exhausted, I'll spend a few hours writing. Since I've done the bulk of my Internet research during the day, I need only check a couple of websites (Facebook/MySpace) before my work's done.

I'm forced to hit the sack around 11:30pm these days unless I want to risk being a complete zombie the next day.

There you have it; the glamour, the intrigue, the suspense! The never-say-die life that is Temporary Steven A. Taylor. And, as we all know, me temporarily is worth well more than regular people full time.