November 9th, 2006

Don't Hassle the Hoff

Foot In Door Disease

I love my unprofessional-sounding voicemail message


Man, it's just like what they say, you stand around waiting for a train for 25-30 minutes, and then all of a sudden two trains arrive back-to-back.

Currently, I'm signed up with three temp agencies:

W--- ______ ________
B--- ________
S------- __________

S------- I've already blown off once because they called me one morning on three hours' sleep and offered me something an hour from then. Until now, I've been concerned about that choice; perhaps that was my one chance for work. Of course, on the other side of the coin, S------- was talking about putting me into a $10.00 an hour job. What do I look like, I'm 22 years old over here?

B--- ________, possibly to my detriment, I hadn't called since I passed their tests oh so long ago. They were the only company I actually called and sought out (the other two called me initially), but for whatever reason I never got back to them.

That's because I've been focusing most of my energies on W--- ______ ________. I've been working with a splendid older lady by the name of S-s-n, who's sounded REALLY nice on the phone, even though she's been hard pressed to find me any actual work. It's through W--- ______ ________ that I took the additional Law Firm test a couple weeks ago. This is the same agency who was noted to have the harder of the Temp Agency tests, but they also have some of the more higher-end work. S-s-n still has yet to hear from that law firm, but she finally, TO-DAY, managed to find me a little work.

Tomorrow and Monday, from 8:30am to 5:30pm with a half hour lunch. It's just your regular administrative-type duties (sounds light on the proofreading, in other words), and I'll be getting $17.00 an hour. That's $289 for two days' work before taxes. So, right on. Money!

OK, now apparently, while I'd stepped away into the kitchen to pour a tall, frosty bowl of Frosted Flakes, I received another call that I didn't hear. Checked my message and it turned out to be B--- ________. My chick over there, by the name of S-ndr- (the British pronunciation of the word, S-hn-dr-h), told me about this other job. I didn't catch the name of the company, but the hours are noon to 8pm and the pay is $18.00. I told S-ndr- that I'm working tomorrow and Monday, she said that's fine. I don't have the assignment yet, but she gave them my resume and if I do get it, I'll be there for three days next week. HOWEVER, this job, says S-ndr-, is potentially temp-to-hire.

Look at me being all self-sufficient! God, maybe now I'll have something besides the Seahawks and credit card debt to write about ...
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