October 25th, 2006


Nighty Night

Let's see. In two days since I lost my computer to injuries, I read 3/4 of "Cat's Cradle" by Vonnegut; I hand-wrote 30 pages of a play that I now need to type; I read the entire book "The Alphabet of Manliness" by Maddox (you know, the "Best Page In The Universe" guy, he wrote a 200-page book with pictures). Just imagine if I'd been this productive throughout my entire unemployment tenure here.

I went out and bought that Dave Eggers book today (as well as "The Catcher In The Rye" because I haven't read it since high school and I think I need to; plus it was only 6 bucks), because the library had holds for it up the ass. Didn't really feel like waiting 6 months to get a book. I also bought "The Timetraveler's Wife" because Juli, Nate and I have it as our mission to start up a long-distance book club. Haven't heard from Nate on his end yet, but I'm hoping he's still in. Anyone else who feels like reading along ... I don't want to sound like Oprah here, but I'd sure make one helluva black woman I tell ya that much!

One more test. That's it. Seriously, I don't know what it's like, but it's bordering on rediculous. First, the class: where I took the test and did well. Teacher passed my name along to a few agencies, took all their tests, presumably passed them too. Now, this one agency has passed my resume on to a law firm (fudged accordingly to include my "experience" in proofreading at law firms in Seattle). Defying convention, this law firm goes one step further, so I'm doomed to take one more fucking test. Can't wait.

I just looked at the clock and noticed it's 3am. My test isn't until 2pm, but I figure I gotta get all gussied up and everything. I better fucking pass.