October 23rd, 2006


Two Weeks Off

It's finally come to this. I took my computer back to CompUSA and told them to fix it. She told me my computer was running slow because I have 55 cookies on my computer. Apparently, you don't need to know a damn thing about computers to wiggle your way into the Technical Service Counter of CompUSA (actually, I'm pretty sure she was just confused ... I mean, I'd been standing in line for 20 minutes and the fat cow hadn't eaten a THING the entire time ... she probably just thought there was ACTUALLY 55 Oreos lodged inside my laptop). Since my warranty was still in effect by the company, not the store, my laptop had to be sent to their headquarters. I'll see it again the first Saturday of November.

I bought my plane tickets home; I should see my confirmation e-mail within 24 hours. $313, now that's not bad. I'm flying Delta, 8am on Thursday, December 14, arriving at SeaTac around 1pm (gonna need a pick-up from someone, shall arrange later). I'll be in the Seattle-Tacoma area from the 14th through to Sunday December 31st, flying out in the morning and arriving in New York at 5pm, just in time for the ball to drop. So, I'm pretty stoked about the price. It was $205 for my 1-way ticket, and I bought that one way more in advance, AND it wasn't in the midst of the Holiday Season (just call it Christmastime).

We still don't have any gas, our ceiling still leaks, my room's pretty cold but I got my dad's package last week (BIG-ass thick socks, boots, gloves, two knit caps), so I'm doin' all right. I've called into the temp-agencies, they're working on it.

I was feeling SO good about life yesterday at 1pm as I was walking to the 3rd And Long (a bar that features the Pittsburgh Steelers game over all others). There was a number of games I was super stoked on seeing, I was gonna drink a bunch of beer and eat greasy bar food, then I was gonna watch the Seahawks handle the Vikings. Well, the morning games didn't disappoint, but the bar I was at didn't serve food. So, after the game I had to haul balls up to The Black Sheep to meet some people, but I'd just been sitting around drinking beer with no food in my stomach, so I decided to stop off and grab a couple slices. Except, they had a $10 minimum, and a couple slices only adds up to 5, so I had to buy a bottle of beer. The Seahawks game had already started, so I chowed down, then chugged the beer on the street as I walked the remaining few blocks. I missed the one good play put in by the Seahawks, but was around to see the dismantling.

In related news, we've got ourselves a little posse of Seahawks fans now. Me, my friend Sam, and this other guy whose name I don't remember. He reminds me of Mark W. Sloane if Mark W. Sloane was a Seahawks fan instead of a Steelers fan, so that's cool.

What's not cool is the fact that our team is going down the shitter. We lose one offensive lineman and it all goes to shit. The NFL MVP goes down, then the Seahawks MVP goes down; we can't run the ball, we're getting sacked at an alarming rate. Of course, it doesn't help that our secondary doesn't know how to pursue the ball-carrier, nor does it bode well that our safeties don't know the meaning of playing SAFETY!!! Hamlin, Boulware! Stay back! Don't fucking fall for the halfback pass when it's 3rd and fucking 17!!! How about next time don't give up a 95 yard run to a running back playing for the Vikings!?!?

Now, we're going into one of the toughest stadiums to win in in the AFC (Kansas City), our starting quarterback is out with an MCL strain or sprain, our team's best Wide Receiver is our starting quarterback now, we may or may not get Alexander back but it doesn't matter because we can't run the ball anyway, Holmgren's too stubborn to let our team's best Wide Receiver run with the ball as quarterback, our defense has bigger holes than our planet's ozone layer, and I'm still not convinced that our punter knows the laces need to be OUT on field goals ...

Glad I don't have a computer this week; won't want to read about our impending collapse. I'm gonna need a LOT of beer next Sunday.
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