October 4th, 2006


Large Fries, Pie, Large Coffee, NOW! Y'all Got That In There?

Well, I'm on for Novel #3 this November. I signed up for the National Novel Writing Month yesterday. I only know one person who's down for November (Jenny bowed out of September and I doubt will be on board for next month), so if anyone else is interested: It amounts to six pages per day, double spaced, and my User Name is Stevesy. If nothing else, should you sign up and become my buddy, you'd be able to read a novel pretty much AS it's being written. However shoddily (and no, it won't be 49,998 instances of the word "fuck" followed by "The End," just in case you're wondering).

I'm really fucking tired. Every damn morning (granted, it's 11am, but still), my Super is blasting his bass-thumping rap music under our apartment at full blast. When he's not yelling at his wife, that is. Then, some ass knocked on my door today at a quarter after 1 (when I'd intended on sleeping until the Dan Patrick Show at 2 - didn't matter, though, because ESPN Radio gave me the Twins/A's game instead).

Today I forced myself to go to the library to do my homework. It never fails, no matter how stupid the class, I can't possibly focus on homework in my own room. But, I got all the practice homework done; I'll look over it again before class tomorrow, and then I'll do OK on the test. No big whoop.

I listened to the new Decemberists album. I'm telling you, more than any other band I've come across, the more I listen to them the more I fucking LIKE IT! I heard from Rolling Stone that the new Killers album sucks ass - and you KNOW that's surprising, coming from Rolling Stone: Corporate Magazine Whore Extraordinaire! Not only are the Killers the chic new Hot Band with the prettyboy lead singer, not only did they sell 5 million copies of their debut album when CD sales - especially Rock CD sales - are way WAY down, not only were they INTERVIEWED in the very same issue that the review was printed in, and not only was it the LEAD review of the Album Review section, but it's fucking Rolling Stone. NO ONE gets less than three stars if you have even ONE of those criteria! And yet, the new Killers album got Two Stars, and was resoundingly panned by the reviewer as Bruce Springsteen Light, with more trite lyrics.

Also featured in this issue: Who's heard of Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari? He's a poker player, and apparently a famous poker player, though I've never heard of him. Anyway, this issue in RS, they had a big Las Vegas section, and APPARENTLY, this Magician dude says - for $10,000 - he'll be your "Party Guide" for an evening.

OK, first of all, for Ten Grand, all you get is the privilege of hanging out WITH him. You still pay for your own food, drinks, transport, etc. But, since you're hanging out with the Magician who - again - is apparently famous, he'll be able to get you into any hot nightclub without waiting in line. And, if you're at dinner and see a hot woman, he'll get her over to the table. "I'll open, but you'll close" he says.

Again, I don't know if any of you have ever heard of this guy, but if you have maybe you could enlighten me: Is he as big of a douchebag jackass as he sounds? Like, a real smug, uppity prick who thinks his shit don't stink? Because, I'm looking at his picture and reading his quotes and he JUST sounds like a delusional fucking loser! Ten Thousand Dollars? Are you KIDDING?

I wrote a page of notes relating to using this guy in a story of some sort and left it out at the party last Friday for people to read. I got good feedback, so we'll see.

Later today, 6:30pm (5:30 Central), I go to the class and get my diploma. God, do I actually put this on my resume?

By the way, the Monopoly Game is back at McDonalds. How bad do I suck having my brother working at McDonalds right now? If I win anything big, I'm not eligable!!! That means - should I hit it big on the 5 Million Dollar prize, I gotta find someone trustworthy to split it with. Give him or her the winning stubs and "Trust" that he or she will promptly give me my half before going to Vegas and hanging out with Antonio Esfandiari every night for a year.
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