September 3rd, 2006


Chewbacca's Got A Big Ol' Butt

Don't you pay that no nevermind; I ain't be drinkin' yet.

So, do you all remember how Star Wars Episode 3: Return of the Really Shitty Movie Franchise totally sucked balls? Well, I realized something; if you watch it with the sound completely turned off (and maybe throw some music on in its wake like the Jackson 5 or Kenny Loggins), that movie is really fucking GOOD! I couldn't believe it; I mean, I knew that George Lucas's dialogue was the worst thing since Leonard Nemoy's singing, but good GOD, what a difference a Mute Button makes!

In case you were wondering, THAT'S what I was doing while at the party in Manhattan last night. People Jenny knew from her old job at this bookstore called The Strand threw a Na-Naga-Not-Gonna-Work-Here-Anymore party for some dude who's leaving the 'force. I sat on a chair for a while watching Silent Star Wars, then I sat on the couch next to Jenny (who still can't walk too well with the sliced-foot) watching Silent Carlito's Way. Not as easy to understand as Silent Star Wars, but we got to spend a good hour making fun of Sean Penn, so there you go.

Still no wireless Internet for me to steal, but what can you do? Jabrille finally moved out yesterday, but the lout forgot to leave the building key - just left the apartment key. So, I slept for the first night in my very own room. So far it's got . . . a Futon. But it's comfy! And I've got plenty of wall space, so that's cool.

I'm in the process of compiling a list of all the shit I forgot. Besides the jacket and big warm comforter, which I've already mentioned, I'm noticing (as I fill up my I-Pod) that I forgot to transfer to disc a few very crucial bands. Bands, quite frankly, I'm gonna want over here. And, I'm not just talking a few songs; I'm talking ALBUMS. Albums I'd worked long hours downloading. Motherfuck! Stuck on my computer at home because I'm a knob and rushed through the ONE job I should've taken my time with!

Anyway, today I buy wall tacks and make my room a little more roomy. Maybe a little table or something.