September 2nd, 2006


Damned Unreliable Internet

Oh shit man. Fucking Internet's been down the last couple days. I'll talk some fuckin' jive like you never heard!

Anyway, I spent the time between 11am and 3:45pm on Thursday sitting around waiting for the UPS man. I saw three trucks pass by the vicinity of my corner, getting all antsy in my pantsy every time. Finally, fed up with all the waiting and all the asspain, I called the UPS Hotline. Shit man, my dad was right, that thing is a CLUSTERFUCK! I was jumping through so many automated hoops until finally, somehow, I landed on an actual real live person. I axed him, "What kind of a wait am I talkin' 'bout here?" He tells me it could be as late as 7pm.

Had I had my sawed off, me and the 7pm UPS man would've had words. WORDS meaning BULLETS to his FACE!!!

But, he came at a quarter to four and I finally had my shit. The box with my clothes couldn't even fit in through the front door, so I had to grab handfuls and throw them on the fold-out couch I've been crashing on. Jabrille, the guy who's been staying in the room that's to be mine, was supposed to be out of here yesterday, but he had to stay an extra night for reasons I don't know.

Didn't think a male could be a World Class yammerer? Try taking on a conversation with Jabrille one of these days. He's a tall, thickly-built black man from Seattle who plays guitar (and takes to dressing and playing like Jimi Hendrix, which is both kinda funny and pretty impressive). He's a cool guy and everything, except I think he actually believes he IS Jimi Hendrix. Man, he got to talkin' to me for the first time yesterday, and it was all about how New York is different from Seattle. Apparently, according to Jabrille, running in Manhattan is the equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, what with the smog floating through the air. Then, he got to telling me about how one of his bands is going on tour and one of the stops will be Seattle. It was 20 minutes straight of talk about all the food joints he's going to hit up once he gets into town (Taco del Mar was on the list; I bet I'll be in much worse shape than him after 8 months in NYC).

I honestly didn't think the talking would ever commence without me passing out from sheer exhaustion.

Yeah, so today I set out to build up my fantastic amazing room. I've gotta figure out SOMETHING to do with these damned clothes, since I've got no shelves or closet space. Get creative, man.

Apparently, there's this party I'm going to tonight. Whoa boy. Does the fun ever start? We'll see