August 29th, 2006


Drip Drip Drip

Well, I guess I'm not really endearing myself to the new landlord. Super Shawn, as he's called around here, has seen my mug on two occasions in front of his door tonight in response to the dripping over our sink and toilet. (hmm, I haven't pooped yet today). Apparently, some people put in a new bathtub upstairs in response to the impending arrival of new tennants, but they failed to install it correctly, resulting in two leaks down to our apartment, one no less annoying than the other. Being the engineering guru that I am, I fashioned a plastic bag to the front lip of our sink (by placing it there and then folding up the sides a little) to prevent splashing to all parts of our counters while corralling the water INTO the drain. As for the bathroom, well, since 9th Grade Honors Earth Science taught me that water - 98% of the time - likes to fall towards the ground, I took the opportunity to use this bit of information to my advantage. Thus, the bucket next to the toilet collecting God knows what kind of filthy water from above. Good thing there's a man around to take care of these Home Improvement Tasks; who knows WHERE they'd be without me?

Thanks to me staying up insanely late dealing with my I-Tunes song-renaming (and at the same time gingerly coddling my computer into fully downloading the season finales of Entourage and Deadwood), the only thing I really accomplished today was sleeping in until 3pm. Great. Tonight, I'm gonna go to bed good and early so's to ensure I get my ass out into the city again and check out what I missed.

Well, I guess I can't say that's the ONLY thing I accomplished (aside from actually watching said season finales this afternoon - I can't BELIEVE they fired Ari!). I actually got out there and did some grocery shopping. Boo fucking yah man. So, you know how in a Safeway or a QFC you'll walk to the back of the store and against the wall they have the eggs and dairy and meat and such? And you know how those little wall-areas are cooler than the rest of the store? Well, at the Food Bazaar, where I shopped today, they have a whole gigantic ROOM that's about 30 degrees, freezing my BALLS off! It took me forever because I was obsessing about what kind of eggs to buy (then, I when I had the brand, size and color pegged, I had to open them up and check to see if they looked good). And vegetables! Good God! I don't buy vegetables! I was wandering around that produce section for a good 40 minutes dealing with the list I was given. Cucumber and mushrooms and peppers and tomatoes and fucking lettuce - do you KNOW how many different types of lettuce they have out there nowadays? - I'm telling you it took all my strength not to call Jenny every 20 seconds. Then, I figured, "What the hell, I'm doing the shopping alone, they get stuck with what I purchase."

And then I saw it. After paying for the goods and walking out the door, NIGHT TIME! Nothing like walking down the street in the dark in the ghetto with a bunch of bags of groceries; I totally felt like Kevin McCallister from Home Alone. I am NOT ready to be wandering around this city unchaperoned; I need some adults to hang out with stat. Or a big black bodyguard named Brutus - Brutus who would've made it in the NFL as a lineman . . . if it weren't for that Gosh-foresaken TEMPER!

Food watch: two slices of toast, two pieces of refrigerated bacon, and a bagel. Going strawng!
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