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An Epic Day in Seattle Sports

If you could, for a moment, pardon my indulgence in submitting for your approval a third (and hopefully final) posting of the day, but it's been particularly slow at work, and this is too big to hold down.

So, what do you want to hear first: the Big News or the Even Bigger News?

I don't know which one is which, exactly, I guess that'll be determined next year. The odd thing is, I heard about both of these within the last half hour or so. It could've been instantaneous if I'd read anything into the ESPN headline I saw.

To explain:

This morning I joined a group on Facebook which was basically an open plea to get Jake Locker to stay at UW. I didn't join to be an active participant in anything, but it's like throwing a nickel into a wishing well. It couldn't hurt.

Later, I saw on an ESPN headline that the Philadelphia Phillies acquired Roy Halladay in a 3-team deal. I silently wondered, dismissively, if the Mariners were that third team. I don't know why I didn't open it right then and there to read the details - as I said, it's been a slow work day; it wouldn't have taken more than a minute to finish - especially since I read on the Times M's blog that the Mariners had interest in the Phillies' Cliff Lee.

Soon after that, I dropped back down into Facebook and discovered a note in my Inbox. My initial reaction was that this was yet another non-announcement from the group I'm in that's trying to get Salute Your Shorts onto DVDs for mass consumption.

That's when I got the Locker news. He's staying! It's incredible. I went back to the Times, e-mailed my friend who went to WSU to gloat, then caught the ESPN version of the same story before sharing my shock and glee with Mark on Gchat.

My next impulse was to check out next year's football schedule. We start out at BYU (though, I heard that was replaced by a game vs. a Division-II cupcake), then at home vs. Syracuse and Nebraska before going on the road to Cal and USC. A dicey way to start a season, but if we can get to 3-2 (hopefully by winning at least 1 of those Pac-10 road games), I think it would set us up for a shot at the Rose Bowl next year.

I'm getting ahead of myself. But, we only lose 2 starters on offense - a full back and a lineman - and we retain a bunch on defense as well. We get to redshirt Nick Montana (lord willing); the program will officially be back on track. This is the biggest "Get" for Coach Sark yet; hopefully the first of many, many to come.

OK, after starting to calm down, I'm bored once again, so I go back to the Seattle Times, this time to the Front Page. Maybe look up some world or local news ... and what do I see but the Mariners acquiring Cliff Lee in that aforementioned 3-way deal!

This is MIND-blowing! The guy is a dominant left-handed starter to be the 1-A to Felix Hernandez's 1 in the rotation. He just won a Cy Young award in 2008. AND, he's only going to cost $8 million next year.

The only down side is, both he and Felix will be high-bounty free agents AFTER next season, there's no way in hell we'll be able to keep both, and I still don't have any idea who we're giving up in return (likely prospects, but which ones, I have no clue).

But, that doesn't matter all that much right now. This sets us up next year as Division Contenders. We lost out on a cheapie with Harden going to the Rangers, it's looking more and more certain John Lackey will be a Red Sox starter before the day is through, and the pile of crap after that is pretty demoralizing.

We set up with Felix, Lee, Rowland-Smith (all solid-if-not-superstars, all innings hogs), with two other young starters in the running (possibly Morrow, Fister, Snell, French, Vargas, Olson, or Crap Sandwich ... I mean Silva).

I'm sorry, again, I'm getting ahead of myself. I don't even think any of this is official yet. This could all come crashing down upon me like some jittery nightmare.

But, we're setting up for a BRIGHT 2010! Lord knows I deserve it. How long have I had to suffer the indignities of utter craptitude?

By the way, with Lee, as well as the hits Anaheim is taking via Free Agency losses, I like the Mariners WAY more than the Huskies. Which isn't to say I dislike the Huskies chances to get to a Rose or Holiday Bowl. Just that I could see the M's potentially hitting a World Series if things go very right. And that would trump anything but a college national championship.

God I'm too stimulated! Somebody shoot me in the head, it's never going to be as good as it was today!

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