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This Is What Happens When You Flick A Stranger In The Abs!

So, I don't know if you watch as much random shit on TV like I do, but if you do, then you've probably seen the commercial for some video game called "Skate 2". It's a skateboarding game. Regardless, it's backed by a song that's off the motherfucking HOOK, called "Heavy" by a group known as Oh No. Seen here. It's only 2 minutes long, so check it out. The first 30 or so seconds will also be this month's intro to the Podcast, being recorded in a little over 24 hours from now (10:30pm, PDT).

Anyway, I thought I'd just bring a little musical flava to your ear. Also, check out the song "Beggin'" by a group known as Madcon. This group is superhuge overseas, but for some reason not so much over here. This is definitely a song you've either heard in a club, will hear in a club, or SHOULD hear in a club. Find them on MySpace, that's pretty much all that site is good for anyways.

I don't really know what I'm doing on here, but I don't want to go to bed just yet. Last night I tried to pack it in early, around a quarter to 10, after a Sunday night where I went to bed at the crack of 7pm. Bad idea; tossed and turned until midnight. You know how it is, too much on your mind, can't find a way to shut off the brainium. Although, truth be told, I SHOULDN'T have a whole helluva lot on my mind. I have no life of which to speak. I work five days a week. I exercise four days a week and bowl on Wednesdays. Occasionally I'll make myself a nightcap or three on a Friday night. Saturdays for the last month have been devoted to me drinking an ungodly amount of PBRs at my brother's apartment as he chainsmokes and we watch episode after episode of Rescue Me. And for the record, when Tommy so-called "raped" his wife/ex-wife or whatever and all the critics were in a huge uproar over it; nobody ever mentions the very next episode where she goes over to his apartment and pretty much turns those tables right back on him. Just sayin'. It's televised drama, take 'er easy.

This is what happens Larry! This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps!

Getting back to my point of interest, I have no life! Friday, if I'm not drinking, I'm in bed at a reasonable hour. Saturday, I run errands, or I don't. Then I drink Heavily. Then on Sunday I'm hungover, so I down a bottle of Smartwater and eat crappy Chinese food until I'm feeling just well enough to go to bed early so I can be fresh for work on Monday. Heavenly, isn't it?

This week is an aberration, I know that. Which is why I'm taking every advantage that I can. For come next Monday, it's back to business as suckual. Emphasis on the u-all.

P.S. I really have the hots for the latest issue of Rolling Stone. Two stars from Gossip Girl licking off of the same melting ice cream cone. I shit you not. It has nothing to do with music and I don't give one good God damn.

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