NewYorkSteve (newyorksteve) wrote,

The Weekend To Beat All Weekends

In a few hours, I'm going to rid myself of this infernal beard once and for a while. Frankly, I'm surprised it's lasted this long; I've got to be charging down the barrel of a year. Since I've managed to grow a somewhat respectable moustache, I'm going to see what a full goatee looks like for my long-weekend.

Tomorrow is going to be seriously bananahammocks. Driving to work, which means I'll get there super early. I'll only be working for six hours, since yesterday and today I put in extra time to make up for it. Then, it's (hopefully) a leisurely drive south to Tacoma. Sup. Then, it's time for bowling.

By the way, that is taken from the verb To Sup, as in, eating an evening meal - supper.

Whereupon, it's pitcher upon pitcher of whatever beer they have on sale. For one night, I can let my average go a little bit (not intentionally, of course, but I've noticed the drunker I am, the handsomer at bowling I am not).

Then it's back to The Hammer's for drinking games. I'm thinking quarters, since it's easy, quick, and gets you drunker than an Irish cop. Leading directly into Podcast #3, which I'm thinking is going to be a mixed-bag of topics. It'll either be a Chernobyl or a spectacular riot.

Then it's a quick snack before bed (or, depending on how we're feeling after the onslaught of double-digit beers + podcast, maybe a movie or two).

Leading into my Thursday of Basketball. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to manage waking up, but I'm sure that's something that won't require advanced planning.

Somewhere there on Thursday I told my mom I'd visit, but it's definitely going to have to be after the Husky game. Probably late Thursday I gotta drive my achey bones back up to Seattle. For Friday, I watch basketball with friends! With my pathetic bracket sufficiently busted! Hopefully not completely destroyed, but then again that's what first days are for.

A day of drinking on Friday will lead me downhill into Saturday where I make my return trip to Tacoma for more carousing with family. This is when my brother and I will start (and possibly finish) Season 4 of Rescue Me. You sunk my battleship. Also on Saturday I'm pretty sure I'm having a birthday meal with my dad. I don't know what, exactly, but I'm positive that Godfather's Pizza will have to make an appearance sometime in this 4-day weekend of weekends.

Could be Wednesday before bowling / Thursday after breakfast. Or we could make it a Saturday night / Sunday FOR breakfast. I like the way I think.

The week ends, for all intents and purposes, today with a workout at 24-hour Fitness. I planned it so I have next-to-nothing to do tomorrow, which means those six hours should really fly by. And by "fly by" I mean I'll desperately want to leave by 10am.

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