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Jury Duty Day 2 - Item Deleted

Let's see how well I'm able to tip-toe around this dynamite-filled terrain without landing in the dreaded Contempt Of Court.

I got there at 9am today, well-rested, with an actual breakfast inside of me as opposed to the harried and cold pizza bagel I had at the courthouse yesterday. Within minutes of roll call, the Blue Man Group was ushered into elevators. We were told to line up according to our number (again, I was number 8) in the hallway at the 5th floor entrance to the smallest superior courtroom in the building. There was hardly enough room to fit all 35 of us in there, but where there's a will there's a way.

So, I guess I mis-heard the name of the judge yesterday. Not Circle, but Serko. Not saying it's any less strange of a surname, I'm just saying.

We sat down in three wooden pews and faced our inquisitors. Judge, Prosecution, Defense. There was also a court reporter doing her typing thing and a bailiff who looked NOTHING like Bull from Night Court. Apparently they don't call them "bailiffs" anymore, but some other high-fallutin' name. But we know they're really the stewardesses of the courtroom.

(item deleted, pronoun) was charged by the state of (item deleted, alleged crime committed) and we the potential jurors were asked a series of questions related to the case at hand and how our personal experiences might sway our decision-making.

I didn't speak often, but when I did I guess I made quite the impression, because I was not one of the final 13 picked for the jury. I DID, however, make it past the first cuts, as two people weren't requested to go back up for the second round of questioning. I'm pretty sure I lost points with the (item deleted) when I said that (item deleted) shouldn't necessarily be a crime that resulted in prison time. As such, after an hour and a half lunch break, I got to go home a little after 2pm, with orders to call in later tonight to see via message recording whether or not I'll be needed tomorrow. That's the routine for the rest of the two weeks unless they tell me beforehand that I HAVE to come back.

So, not a whole lot to report on today, but a helluva lot more fun than all the nothing that happened yesterday.

In other news, there's only one major fast-food establishment within walking distance, and that's a McDonalds right next door. As such, at noon, there was a line from the counter out the door full of hungry patrons. The drive-through wrapped around and out onto the street with cars. This is rediculous, hasn't this particular location ever heard of a Lunch Rush??? You'd think they'd have about 54 people on call from the hours of 11:30am to 2pm. There were, I shit you not, two people handling register duty with about 30 people in line.

Since I had my car nearby, I decided to try my hand at driving down Tacoma Avenue to see if there were any signs of Jack In The Box or something in the same vain. There was not. I ended up driving around for a half an hour until I found another McDonalds and sat in ITS drive-thru for an additional five minutes.

But, I learned something else today. I essentially live on a road that turns into another road that turns into another road that eventually leads me straight to the downtown area I need to be in, and it only takes about 10-15 minutes to get there. I've been going every long-ass way to the courthouse in the morning without realizing this fact. Tomorrow - or the next day I have to report - I'm thinking about just coming home for lunch. Or, at least, hitting up one of the many fine fast food establishments in my home neighborhood. I mean shit man, I get a 90 minute lunch, I might as well catch some television in the process.

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