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Saturday, May 24th

R.E.M. / Modest Mouse / M.I.A. / The New Pornographers / The National / Ozomatli / Beirut / Dengue Fever / Fleet Foxes / The Breeders / Okkervil River / Crudo (featuring Mike Patton & Dan The Automator) / Destroyer / Dead Confederate / Grand Archives / David Bazan / Joshua Morrison / Vince Mira with the Roy Kay Trio / Throw Me The Statue / The Shaky Hands

Sunday, May 25th

The Cure / Death Cab For Cutie / Michael Franti & Spearhead / Blue Scholars / Cold War Kids / Tegan & Sara / Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks / The Kooks / Mates of State / Rogue Wave / White Rabbits / The Heavenly States / 65daysofstatic / Sera Cahoone / The Blakes / The Cops / J. Tillman / "Awesome"

Monday, May 26th

The Flaming Lips U.F.O. Show / The Mars Volta / Flight Of The Conchords / Rodrigo Y Gabriela / Built To Spill / The Hives / Matt Costa / Ghostland Observatory / Jamie Lidell / Battles / The Cave Singers / The Little Ones / Thao Nguyen with the Get Down Stay Down / Pela / Kinski / Dyme Def / Say Hi / Siberian

Bands in BOLD indicate those I've heard of and would like to see play live. Since there's no such thing as SUPER BOLD, I have to tell you that everyone in BOLD on the third day are bands that I absolutely must must MUST see or else I will wither away and die.

This brings with it a number of issues for the dude to consider. First, can I find someone/many someones to go with? In that case, camping and more than one day is likely in order. If I can't, do I still want to go all three days, or pull the likelier Sunday/Monday combo, or the likelier-still Monday One-Day Fuckfest? Can I find public transportation to get me there and back? If not, that means I'm driving and staying sober on Monday no matter what. Will I have Paid Time Off built up by then to take the Tuesday off, or will I have to pull an all-nighter and struggle mightily through work the next day?

The thing is, I've already seen Modest Mouse twice and Death Cab For Cutie once, and those are two MAJOR reasons to go the first two days, since I have middling interest in seeing either R.E.M. or The Cure. With that in mind, the first two days come down to a battle of the smaller bands trying to catch my attention.

By all accounts, I've heard wonderful things out of Beirut (that their debut album rocks, that they're even better live), and anything involving Mike Patton surely draws my interest, but other than those two, the first day isn't making me tingle like Day 3. Cold War Kids, Tegan & Sara, and Stephen Malkmus (lead singer of Pavement) are all very solid draws, but I kinda caught part of CWK at Lollapalooza, and I don't think my life will be that much more enriched by seeing T&S or the Jicks, while I enjoy their album work an awful lot.

In short, things will need to go very right for me to be involved with Saturday or Sunday. People will need to be there, possibly a bus that allows drinking, the whole schmear.

Monday, on the other hand, I would chew my left foot off to go to. Yes, I've seen the Flaming Lips, but as I've said countless times, I'll gladly sell my unborn first born any time they're in town. They JUST ADDED The Mars Volta, and I've been meaning to see them since they split from the At The Drive-In zygote. Flight of the Conchords is my new favorite HBO comedy duo, so they're obviously fucking awesome. Built To Spill (another band I've seen live), as I've said, is the best Guitars Band on the market. The Hives always put on a rollicking show for you; Kinski I've enjoyed for over half a decade now; and Rodrigo Y Gabriela are icing on the cake (since I missed out on seeing them in Portland last month).

My brain might explode on Memorial Day, but it's shaping up to be the greatest Memorial Day in the bright history of favorable Memorial Days I've experienced in my lifetime. And just think, all you peaceniks out there, if War had never existed, I wouldn't have a reason to duct tape booze to my hairy leg and rock out at the Gorge for a weekend in late May.

Bomb bomb bomb ...

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